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Abner Dining Table

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This traditional patio, only the place for afternoon tea, is usually furnished with Chinese Chippendale garden benches; their fretwork echoes the herringbone pattern in Abner Dining Table the reclaimed brick. The sleek table is unabashedly contemporary, although its white finish matches with the motif. Tall and image lavender-blue lilies of the Nile are usually gathered in striking cast-iron urns. The oversize flower arrangements form the edge of the patio. Beyond them, the screen of evergreen trees provides year-round privacy.

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What about further afield? When I was obviously a child, I lived in the Carribbean. Mid-century modern garden furniture, like the Rattan Deck chair by SIT Möbel in lots of colours, reminds me associated with hot, sultry days and the persistent song of the cicadas at night. Indoor-outdoors rattan furniture is particularly Caribbean, along with chairs that sit outside upon balconies and verandahs or within in sitting rooms or conservatories. You don’t want anything upholstered in hot weather, so easy living means rattan or even plastic garden furniture in bright colors indoors and out.

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Abner Dining Table
Abner Dining Table

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